Our Website's SSL - rely on us

Welcome to RapBeats.co.uk!

We just wanted to take a second to reassure you. Since our website is a brand new baby, we haven't acquired our SSL certificate yet (that's the green trusted thing in the top left of your browser). We hope this will be within 7 days of us launching. However, we are sure this may put some people off. Especially since some browsers stop you from viewing websites without this altogether.

If you would like to purchase a beat, please be reassured that we use all the trusted payment options such as PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay etc. You can't go wrong with us. And we hope to build your trust in us as a reliable music production company.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any concerns or questions.

Thank you.. and happy song-making!!!

- RapBeats.co.uk